Metabolic Art Criticism - WritingWorskhop

11.-13 June 2021

Writing Workshop
​with Rosalyn D’Mello

Angerburg Blumenhotel
Unteralberstraße/Via dell’Olmo 16
39057 Eppan/Appiano, Italy

​The course Metabolic Art Criticism attests to and celebrates the empowering potential of a genre of art criticism that embraces the centrality of the self as receiver and synthesiser of the diverse external stimuli that infuse the context within which art is conceived of, produced, exhibited and critiqued. It is rooted in the rigorous practice of continually examining our consciousness as a way of presencing our emotional response to art, thus revealing our individual subjective biases and tendencies. For instance, what compels us to be drawn to or moved by some art, what drives our repulsion towards others? What is the role of patriarchal, capitalist and race-based conditioning in unwittingly determining mainstream aesthetics, inevitably informing our gaze.

Through carefully selected readings and exercises, we will examine the intersecting political structures that frame how we see what we see, if and when we see; thus better understanding what occasions our witness by interrogating and challenging prevailing norms about what is validly considered art; who is allowed to be an artist, and our agency, as art critics, in shaping these questions.

By reading together, eating communally, and privileging our multiple subjectivities through carefully designed exercises, this course will help participants to better situate their ‚gaze‘, thus enabling them to generate art criticism through the locus of the self and its relational ecologies.

​Fri–Sun: 9.00–16.00
max. 8 participants, age >16
course language english

student discount 30%
incl. lunch & communal cooking

reservation until 31.05.21
[email protected]
320 426 8178