Samet Yilamz

The collective Samet Yilamz (formerly known as k.i.Beyoncé) consists of the members S. Kooi, L. Hoffmann, L. Meijers, E. Baggen and N. Oosterveen. They started out in an artspace consisting in a flooded basement in Amsterdam. In the meantime, after dismissing their previous name, they have undergone a radical image change. Regardless of the name, they see themselves as a group that developed a way of being in the art world. In their work The Crusade, the members, including our residency artists, are woven into a carpet showing them in their preferred love pose.

k.i.beyoncé was an artist initiative and collective which existed between 2013 and 2016, consisting of members Elke Baggen, Lot Meijers, Lukas Hoffmann, Nikki Oosterveen and Susan Kooi. Starting out as a studio- and artspace, k.i.beyoncé soon moved towards a collective practice, and exhibited and performed amongst others at Gallery Juliette Jongma in Amsterdam, Titanik in Turku and Lodos Contemporaneo in Mexico City. Their last grand project titled The Castle was exhibited at W139 in Amsterdam, and traveled as The Crudade to Sorbus in Helsinki. At the end of 2016 the group changed its name to Samet Yilmaz, and is currently working on a post-apocalyptic TV series set in a jazzclub.